How to build up a bigger pension

We all want to enjoy life and not work endlessly. More and more people hope to have enough money and spend their retirement days travelling, with the people we love, relaxing and enjoying life, not worrying how the bills will be paid. Unfortunately, less and less people are finding themselves in this situation.

The only thing that you really can do for you retirement is to save more, which means investing your money and that really scares people.

If retirement is too far for you to even consider it, that’s good news. Time is on your side and time makes a great difference. The sooner you start investing, the sooner you’ll have greater return on your investment. Even if you can put aside a small amount on monthly basis, you must find a way to do that because it really can mean a great deal for your retirement days. 

Unfortunately if you are closer to you retirement age, you’ll have to save a higher amount on monthly basis, which may mean that you’ll have to defer your retirement.

Regardless of your age, you’ll need a solid retirement plan. Even if you don’t have any savings but you do have debts, you’ll have to think about paying your debts as part of your plan. The way things are now, more and more people will not have enough money when they’ll retire. That poses a great concern and most of the solutions seem to be out of our reach. Nonetheless, choosing to ignore these problems will only exacerbate things. You may not be able to deal with the crisis, but you can make things better by analysing your situation carefully.

The voluntary pension funds are formed to provide our citizens with the opportunity to add more money to their pension from the First and Second pillars and ensure they will have additional income in their retirement days. As a result, investing in the voluntary pension funds will enable more savings for the „golden days“.

Aside from savings and making solid return on the investments (link to returns), and in order to support and encourage the development of this type of pension insurance, we have introduced certain tax stimulation for physical entities (link to calculator) and legal entities (link to calculator for legal entities).

If you choose to become a member of NLB Pension Plus you can use the opportunity for personal tax return of 11,11% on paid funds to your voluntary pension fund.

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