Corporative management

The NLB New Pension Fund AD Skopje has a unique job of management with the open mandatory pension fund NLB Pension Fund and the Open voluntary pension fund NLB Pension plus and their representation before third parties and other activities related to fund management.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leader in pension fund management not only in Macedonia, but also in the region. We strive to achieve this by setting the highest ethical standards in our work and build highly sophisticated, active and innovative system of investment management and high level of security and risk management related to yielding expected profits. In our endeavours, we have managed to strengthen the clients’ confidence in our product which is important for their financial future, as well as the confidence and trust in our unconditional efforts to provide safety and maintain our clients’ best interest. Our permanent partnership with the policy holders is based on education, ethics and trust which are the key components of the Company’s strategy.


Our mission is to be a safe and confidential company which sets high standards for quality in our businesses activities in the field of pension insurance and also to provide prudential property management for our members.

Main challenges:

  • The active and innovative approach to investment and risk management are the key differences in terms of the competition.
  • The clear rules by which we conduct our relationship with our members, our honesty and understanding of their needs, along with the unambiguous communication are our fundamental values.
  • Corporative management is the foundation of our activities and it’s based on the principles of accountability, transparency and ethics. We feel a responsibility to contribute towards initiating positive changes in our society and that’s why a large portion of our activities are directed towards education regarding the reforms implemented in the pension system in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • We keep our word and promises and accept them as our responsibility, and this is our main objective – to exceed our members’ expectations.
  • To achieve our objectives, we have to and we do work as a team. We focus on the challenges and provide mutual encouragement until these objectives are fulfilled. We are aware that the success of the NLB New Pension Fund is due to the combination of team work and individual accomplishments.