Social accountability

For the Company, its corporative and social accountability represents an integral part of the manner in which the Company works and it regards it as a key to its success. We believe that our determination represents the true choice, and it’s crucial for the sustainability of our business growth and development. By working responsibly, we strive to create solid values for the society. Our corporative and social accountability is based on: the code, employees, our members, the wider community and awareness of the environment.

Aside from the fact that every company strives towards yielding profits, and we think that the road to the profit is as significant. The activities of the company should have a positive influence on its members, partners, employees, and their families, and in the end, society as a whole. The company aspires towards achieving economic results, and it does it in a manner which is fair to the society, sustainable for the environment and respects and supports human rights within our scope of influence.

By adhering to the laws and ensuring employment equality, and providing care for our members and business partners and our high degree of social accountability, the Company provides development of the economic and the extended environment in which it operates.