How can I become a member

How can I become a member?

You can become a professional member of NLB Pension Plus if the company where you work organises and finances professional pension scheme. The insurer/manager determines which employee or association member can become a member of the pension scheme.

The pension scheme member can simply be an employee of the trade company or a member of the citizens’ association which has formed the professional pension scheme.

The professional account can be opened after the first benefits payment has been made and we will send you the membership confirmation at your home address within 30 days.

Who can become a member?

Pension scheme members have to be employees or members with the company or association, aged 15 to 70, and cannot be a user of a pension or pension benefits. Foreign nationals (employees/members) can also become members of the voluntary pension fund. Using previous defined rules, the insurer will determine the following:

  • Who may or may not be part of the professional pension scheme (all or some employees can be members),
  • The amount of payment for each member separately,
  • The payment dynamic (makes payments when he wants and the amount he wants)
  • The employees for which he’ll pay with every salary (he is not obligated to make payments for every employee every month) and
  • There aren’t limits to the payment amount

Where can I sign a Contract

You can easily become a member of the voluntary pension fund NLB Pension Plus in one of the branches of NLB Banka AD Skopje, in the Company’s offices located on Majka Tereza str. No 1 in Skopje or simply ask to meet one of our agents by calling 02/ 15 500. When singing a membership contract, you must provide a valid document for personal identification and current status from the Central Register for the company, not older than 6 months.